Dog Training Services

Puppy Classes

£50.00 - 5 Week Course

In our puppy classes you will learn how to clearly communicate with your puppy, different methods of training and types of socialising, positive reinforcement and more.

If you would like to learn how to get the best out of your pup then this five week course is ideal for you!​

Sunday 10am - 1 Hour - Gretton Village Hall


Adult Classes inc Bronze Award

£70 - 8 Week Course

Our adult classes consist of general dog obedience training and also covers the curriculum for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme.

We are able to adapt the adult classes to include individual requirements. The course runs for 8 weeks with the final week hosting an assessment for those wishing to complete the Bronze award. 

(Please note the bronze award is optional)

Sunday 11am - 1 Hour - Gretton Village Hall


1 to 1 Dog Training

30 Mins £30 - 1 Hour £40 - 1 hr 30 - £50

Available in your own Home or 30 Mins slots at Gretton Village Hall On Sundays From Midday

Please note we do not offer 1-1’s for dogs to human aggression. If you think your dog is human aggressive, please contact a behaviour specialist. 


Why Dolly's Dog Training


The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme is the largest dog training programme in the UK


Free Dog Legal and Health Check information


Fully Insured and Qualified Friendly Dog Trainer


Brilliant training. Kind, modern training, takes the time to listen to the owners requirements and frustrations. We are going back to do our silver good citizen in the summer!

Helen Sinclair


When & Where

Gretton Village Hall

5 Miles from Corby

5 Miles from Uppingham

12 Miles From Kettering

12 Miles from Stamford

Sundays 10am - 1pm

Gretton Village Hall

61 Kirby Road




NN17 3DB


The Help Center

What age can puppies attend classes?

Puppies can attend the classes once they are fully vaccinated and allowed to socialise.

Do I need to have attended the puppy classes to progress on to the Bronze?

No, there is no entry requirement for the bronze level other than your dog being legally compliant.

Is there anything I need to bring with me?

Yes, please bring with you some of your dogs favourite treats and a bed, mat or blanket for your dog for our relaxed socialisation.

Can I retake any of the classes?

Absolutely! If you wish to retake the classes all you need to do is rebook. If you are doing a second set of puppy classes, Nicola will strive to alter the difficulty of the lessons for your second course to hone you and your pups skills!

Do I need any special equipment?

No, not really! We do ask that no aversive dog tools are used and we also recommend that you do not use a retractable lead for training.

Can more than one person attend the class?

Yes absolutely! Training a dog is the responsibility of the whole family, so everyone is welcome. If you are bringing children to the classes the only thing we ask is that they do not distract the other puppies/dogs

Can I bring more than one dog/puppy?

Ideally no, as when multiple dogs attend from the same household they become too focused on each other which can be frustrating for the owners.

Do I have to have attended the bronze to progress on to Silver?

Yes, for the Silver you must have completed the bronze and for the gold you must have completed the bronze and silver.

Can I fail the bronze/silver/gold?

We don’t use the word fail here, but your dog can be classed as ‘not ready’ All this means is that for that particular exercise they need to have more practice before they are at the required standard.

What happens if my dog doesn’t pass?

If your dog is declared not ready on test day then you are free to come back and retake the assessment once you feel your dog has achieved that standard.

What is covered in the 1-1’s?

1-1’s are tailored for each and every dog. If you enquire about a 1-1 then Nicola will give you a call to go through the issues you are having with your dog and tailor the 1-1 around these.

What age can dogs attend the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards?

There is no age restrictions on the Bronze and Silver awards so you can attend these at any point. For the Gold award dogs need to be over 12months of age.